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Amindu is a high-tech corporation that specializes in the R&D and production of Internet of Things (IoT) products consisting of sensors, controls, cameras, and smart appliances, along with connected and non-connected LED bulbs, fixtures, luminaires, light sources, and more.

Competitive Strategy - IQS4

Our Competitive Strategy to bring differentiated value to your customers with AMINDU


Expand your product categories and services with our strong R&D capability and innovative technology.


Enhance your brand reputation with our reliable products and solutions that endure rigorous testing to ensure superiority.


Get to market quickly by leveraging our global supply capabilities, which include overseas branch offices, R&D centers and labs plus sales team.


Achieve mass production to meet your goals and demand by utilizing our 20 years of manufacturing expertise and strong production ability.


Expand your business and your customer’s digital experience by moving from single-device options to turnkey IoT solutions – all accessible via our smart living and smart building offerings.


Cover various requirements with our one-stop IoT services that include a full range of connected products and high-performing, cost-effective digital solutions.

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